Man Builds Pet Food Blessing Box To End Animal Hunger

If you’re a pet owner and you can afford to feed your pet plenty of food, consider yourself lucky. The sad reality is that there are people out there who can’t afford to feed their beloved pets enough food. In light of this, Kentucky-based Travis Combs decided to do something to ensure animals in his area wouldn’t starve by giving their owners a chance to access adequate supplies.


He got the idea to build a blessing box, specifically stocked with pet products. The structure is bright red and resembles a dog house, complete with a cute bone-shaped sign reading “Pet Food Blessing Box.”

The blessing box has plenty of room for food, treats, and other necessary items. It is located outside an antique store in Jackson, Kentucky, called TiKi’s Treasures. It’s readily accessible to anyone who needs supplies or who wants to donate items.

Combs stated, “Kentucky’s one of the worst in the nation for animal abuse, starvation, abandonment that sort of thing. So, a bunch of our friends got together and we saw a need and a way that we could help out.”


The box is always unlocked, so pet owners can access it whenever they need. In addition, people can also leave donations in the box like food and treats. They can even leave other things like pee pads or toys. Even though it’s built to look like a dog house, that doesn’t mean that it’s exclusive to dogs. People are encouraged to donate items to cats as well as other animals if they’d like.

If a pet owner is in desperate need of items, the blessing box is always available to them – they can take what they need and at a later time, if possible, they can make a donation themselves. Every small donation counts to helping others in the community who may be experiencing difficulties.

Combs added, “Anybody’s free to come and take what they need, and then just leave what they can.”


This idea first came to Combs thanks to his passion for rescuing dogs. He has multiple rescue dogs living in his home, so he’s well aware of the importance of keeping them all happy and healthy. He wanted to make sure that all pet owners can manage to provide for their furbabies, no matter their circumstances.

Combs is encouraging others around the world to create pet food blessing boxes of their own in order to help put an end to animal hunger. If you’re interested in putting one of these boxes up in your area, you can get in touch with Combs through the Kentucky Craftworks Facebook page. And if you live in Kentucky, be sure to check out his blessing box, and if you can, donate some items, too!

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