Man Builds Special Ramp For His Girlfriend’s Senior Dog

Our dogs are our family. And no matter what, they will always be there for us – which is why it’s so important that we return the favor. It’s the reason why so many dog owners will happily choose their pets over a significant other. 

For Melissa Meiners, her 8-year-old Chihuahua, Sammy, was her everything. When she met her boyfriend, James Killen, it was important that he get along with Sammy. If they did not, it would have been a complete deal-breaker. Luckily for Melissa, the two got on great! The two actually got along even better than that, as James was more than happy to do anything for the little dog – as he was about to show Melissa.

Sammy would often join Melissa at James’s home for movie night. Afterward, the two would just spend the night at his home. But the problem with staying over at her boyfriend’s house was that the bed was too high for Sammy to navigate. He couldn’t always make the jump. This is when James stepped up to the plate and decided to do something nice for the little pooch. He built him a ramp. This was revolutionary as Sammy could now get up and down from the bed at his own convenience.

Melissa was obviously touched by this gesture. She posted to social media, “James made Sammy a ramp for his bed so he doesn’t try to launch himself off of it (because he will if he feels he needs to). This man DRILLED IT INTO HIS FOOTBOARD. Guess this is permanent. Guess he’s stuck with us. And I’m certainly not mad about that.”

The sweet gesture was certainly met with a lot of appreciation. Melissa gushed about how much James means to her and what a caring partner he is – not just to her, but to Sammy as well. She was comfortable to admit it’d only been four months together, but she could see it lasting forever.

James happily replied, “Wasn’t even a second thought, Sweetheart. You make it easy and you and Sammy are a celebrated addition to our lives.”

Little Sammy was thrilled with his ramp. He’s now able to go up and down like it’s nothing. You can watch the senior go up and down his ramp in the video below:

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