Man Comes Back From The Store And Finds A Stray Dog Sleeping In The Back Of His Car

Imagine walking out to your car and finding a dog sitting inside? One man was in for a big surprise when he walked out of his local pharmacy only to find a lost pooch in his car’s front seat. 

Rodrigo Coelho shared with Bored Panda, “He got into my car without any worries, sat on the seat and didn’t want to leave again.”

As adorable as the moment was, Rodrigo knew that he had to find the owner. Being a dog owner himself, he knew the worry that the pup’s owner must have been experiencing not knowing where their pooch was. Rodrigo’s dogs were already famous on social media, so he reached out to their 1 million Facebook followers for help.

He posted all the information about the encounter, as well as a photo, and shared in hopes of locating the owners. The post went viral and it worked – the dog’s owners were eventually found. 

Final Feliz: Novidades sobre o caso do cachorro que entrou no meu carro.Com a grande repercussão do vídeo, aconteceu o…

Posted by Pai do Ninão on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The dog turned out to be named Thor, and he belonged to Dayane and Maicon. Both owners were thrilled that Rodgrio was able to return their beloved pooch to them – especially since Rodgrio had found him more than 8 miles away from home!

We hope that your dog never has to know what life on the streets is like. One way to keep them safe is with Cesar’s new Halo Dog Collar. These life-changing safety systems are available today only and come with a GPS locator.

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