Man Comes Back From The Store To Find A Stray Dog In The Front Seat Of His car

For those of us who drive, do you ever get that errand discovery? You know what I’m talking about, that moment that you walk out of the store to your car in the parking lot, only to discover something different about our vehicle that we didn’t take note of before? It could be a tiny crack forming in the windshield. Or the fact that one of our tires is getting low. Sometimes, some of us come out to discover that a bird must’ve experienced a bad case of food poisoning all over the hood of our freshly washed car.

Either way, most of the time these discoveries are not pleasant and just add to the stress of our daily lives because they’re something that needs fixing. However, for a very lucky few, we may walk out of a store only to discover an adorable dog sitting in the front seat of our car.

Image credits: Facebook facedoninao

For a man named Rodrigo Coelho, he came out of a pharmacy only to notice that a plucky little pooch had taken over his vehicle.

As he shared with Bored Panda, “He got into my car without any worries, sat on the seat and didn’t want to leave again.”

Rodrigo, pleasantly surprised, took his new passenger home while he searched for the dog’s owners. Rodrigo is a dog owner himself, so he already had a few pets of his own at home – one of whom was less than thrilled about the new guest. However, Rodrigo’s dogs are quite social media famous, and as a result, Rodrigo has more than a million Facebook followers on Facebook.

Image credits: Facebook facedoninao

Using his pups’ powers of influence on social media, Rodrigo shared a detailed account of his unusual curbside discovery to his different social media accounts. Naturally, the story was too hilarious and cute not to go viral, so the first video gained around 350,000 YouTube views, with the second getting more than 160,000. There were also plenty of comments from concerned people hoping that the dog’s owners would be located.

And eventually, they were.

Not long after posting, the owners were able to come forward and be reunited with their pet. And it turned out, that the dog’s name was Thor.

Image credits: Facebook facedoninao

Thor’s owners, Dayane and Maicon, were thrilled to have found him. Additionally, they were very grateful to Rodrigo.

As it turned out, Thor had run away from home approximately 5 miles from where he was found. And thankfully, he picked the right car to jump into – he must’ve smelt a dog owner.

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