Man Digs The Ultimate Obstacle Course For His Dog In The Snow

Now that we are in September, it’s only a matter of time until we hit that time of year where it starts to snow. And with snow days come all the opportunities for some frozen fun outside with our dogs. Most dogs who live in snow areas tend to like playing in the snow. We’ve all seen delightful videos of dogs getting into the joy of hopping around in the powdery white stuff falling from the skies.

Of course, not all snow is fun and games all the time. Sometimes in snowy areas, especially after a big snowstorm when there is a lot of ground coverage, it can become a bit of a pain to deal with. And if you have a dog, having them go to the bathroom can become more of a challenge after a large snowfall, especially if your dog happens to be a small dog. I’m sure there are plenty of small dog owners who can relate to that struggle. 

While it might be cute to watch them plop around in the snow on their way to the restroom, it’s not always feasible for them to maneuver in such deep snowdrifts. That is why one dog owner’s obstacle course idea proved to be a pretty brilliant plan. Not only was he helping his dog make it to the bathroom easier, but he was also allowing him a chance to explore the backyard and get a little bit of exercise in as well!

Rather than just going out to the backyard and digging the closest hole to the house as possible, this owner took time to painstakingly carve out a little obstacle course for his pup. And it was made entirely out of snow as well! The best part about the video was seeing the little dog’s delight as he made his rounds through the course before coming back to the warmth and safety of his house.

Watch it below:

Would you do anything like this for your dog? If you live in a snowy area, have you ever done something similar for your dog? Let us know! 

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