Man Dives Into Rushing Water To Save His Dog After It Was Swept Away

We love our pets. And, I’m sure there isn’t one among us, who wouldn’t risk our lives for our pets the same way that one dog owner did when he jumped into a deadly torrent of water in order to save his dog from drowning.

The terrifying incident occurred in the district of San Miguelito, Panama, after heavy rains caused the Sinai River to overflow.

Photo: CEN

The moment that 35-year-old Manuel Calderon jumped into the fast-moving river was captured on the footage, showing how he navigated the dangerous waters in order to save his dog, Fulo, who’d gotten swept up by the current.

Fulo can be seen in the video as he hesitates in the shallow waters before trying to follow Calderon who was waiting for him on the other side.

Locals said that Calderon – who works as a vegetable seller – had already made his way across the river, and was waiting for Fulo to cross over after him.

Photo: CEN

Calderon had assumed that Fulo would be to follow him without an issue but the flow of the river proved to be too powerful for Fulo, and the dog quickly disappeared under the water with a yelp.

Calderon acted fast, plunging into the deep water after his dog, finally catching up to him. Calderon and Fulo managed to make it safely back to a nearby bank, with video footage showing the man as he carried Fulo back to the safety of dry land.

Calderon spoke to local reporters saying, “I was focused on the dog. And thank God I managed to grab him…I threw him onto the bank and got out some meters later.”

Even though the surging river could’ve turned out to be fatal for both Calderon and Fulo, the dog owner admitted that the risk was the furthest thing from his mind and he just wanted to save his pet.

Photo: CEN

As Calderon explained, “An animal, just for being an animal, does not deserve to be disregarded, because it is a life after all. I ask you to take care of them because they also have feelings.”

Local media reported that Calderon grew up as an abandoned child, making his attachment to Fulo that much more special.

The Mayor of the city, Hector Valdes, has stated that Calderon joined the Department of Animal Welfare.

Fulo is definitely a very lucky dog to have such a caring owner.

You can watch the daring rescue below:

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