Man Freaks Out When He Spots Two Dogs Sitting In Chairs Like Humans

It’s not every day that you see a dog being human, let alone two of them. But sometimes in life, our dogs can be quite human in their mannerisms. And that is something that doesn’t happen every day, so when you see it you definitely want to document it. And that is exactly what one man did as he drove past a very strange sight on his way home.

We all know that fogs love to hang out in yards, but these two pups were chilling beside a random road. If that wasn’t strange enough, these two were seated in quite an awkward position. As the brief TikTok video revealed, these two pooches had found themselves a couple of chairs to chill on while seated beside the road. The angle at which they were sitting made them look pretty close to humans. TikTok user Saxby2.0 was so amused, he just had to share the bizarre scene to his social media page.

As he documented the moment, the man couldn’t help but use a few colorful word choices to describe the scene that was unfolding before him. As he stated quite vividly in his video, “Coming home from f***ing work and I’m looking out my window and I’m thinking what the f*** is that? What the f*** is in this yard? Anyway, I had a quick look…Check this f***ing s*** out!”

After his impassioned speech, the man flipped the camera around to show viewers what he was seeing. And it was a pretty funny sight. Two dogs were relaxing in their own chairs next to one another in some tall grass behind someone’s fence. The two dogs each gave the man a look like “what’s your problem, buddy?” as they continued to try to enjoy their moment of peace.

The man then addressed the two canines directly, informing them that their little outdoor vignette had scared the bleep out of him. The man added, “What are you two doing?! I don’t know who you are or who you belong to, but why are you sitting on chairs like that?”

Now we’ve truly seen everything. And the TikTok clip has gone on to get more than 84,000 likes. But what is really funny is that the man who uploaded the clip wrote in the caption, “Wait till the end😂#fyp.”

Watch it below:

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