Man Gives His Paralyzed Husky Pool Therapy To Help Relieve The Pain

Dog owners will agree that there is no limit to the lengths we’d go for our pets. It can be as simple as handfeeding them while they recover from an operation, or as brave as jumping into a body of water in order to rescue them from drowning. There is no obstacle too monumental to overcome when it concerns the care of our beloved pets. That is why whenever our pups face a medical crisis, they can count on us to be right there by their sides, seeing them through the worst of it. 

There are some people who don’t understand the bond between dogs and their humans. Those are the people that say, “it’s just a dog,” but we all know that is not true. Our pets are never “just dogs,” they’re some of the most loyal companions that we’ll ever have. They’re family. And there is nothing that most of us wouldn’t do for those we care about.

That is why one dog owner didn’t hesitate to help out his husky, Kane, who had gone paralyzed. The owner noticed one day that his older dog’s back legs had just given out. His owner wasn’t sure what to do – he’d never experienced anything like it before. He did what any responsible pet parent would do, he sought an answer. Unfortunately, the options weren’t all that great. The pain medication that Kane was given wasn’t enough to do the trick, yet the dog was too old to be able to be put through an operation. 

While most people would be at a loss as to what to do, this man decided to try one more thing. He started taking Kane into the pool with him to see if perhaps the water would help to ease his muscles and joints. It seemed to be helping the pup to feel more comfortable. 

As his owner ended up stating, “Two days ago his back legs stopped working. He’s very old, too old for surgery and he hurts. Unfortunately, pain medication only helps so much. We’ve found that taking him for a swim is the only thing that really helps.”

And indeed it really helped Kane. He started to feel like himself again. It was a slow process, but the pup began to feel more and more comfortable to the point that he began to be able to walk again. The water therapy had helped to make the possible – something that took a lot of effort and time on his owner’s part. It is certainly a tear-jerking moment to witness in the clip below:

Who else would happily do this for their dog? Let us know!

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