Man Gives Shelter Dogs Haircuts To Help Them Find Forever Homes

Back when I was a kid, my family and I adopted a dog from our local shelter. Bonita was a wonderful, black ball of fluff that gave us fifteen wonderful years of joy. However, when we first adopted her, she looked a little worse for wear. Her soft, fluffy hair was matted and unkempt-looking. It was clear that she was being over-looked, and when we went to inquire about her, she was nearing the end of her time. Needless to say, she ended up going home with us. And after a trip to the groomers, she looked like a brand new dog.

The sad reality is many dogs in shelters live like my dog Bonita. They don’t get to enjoy regular grooming and often times, a haircut for a shelter dog can really be the difference between life and death. And one man, decided that he was going to do something special for shelter dogs and their grooming needs. Not only was he helping dogs to feel better about themselves, but he was giving them a chance at being noticed.

Most dogs that have received a haircut or some grooming are far more likely to get adopted than those who don’t because people visiting the shelters are not likely to pick the unkempt-looking pets. That is why, Mark Imhof decided to volunteer as a groomer for the Animal Care Centers of NYC.

Mark started out his career in business before he transitioned to being a dog groomer. He took the necessary training and completed the certifications in order to give dogs in need the makeovers they deserve. And his efforts certainly were not unrecognized.

For Mark, the thought of an un-groomed shelter dog is unbearable. Since he does dog grooming, he understands that there is a lot of physical discomfort associated with their matted fur. Besides making it harder for them to find homes, their badly-kept fur means that they actually experience pain from all the knots and tangles.

Unfortunately, these dogs don’t have the tools to help themselves. But luckily, Mark does. And this Good Samaritan made sure that he did everything he could to increase their adoptability.

Just look at some of these stunning transformations!

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