Man Goes To Adoption Event And Reuniting With His Long-Lost Dog From A Previous Relationship

The Irish have a saying, “What’s meant for you will never pass you by.” This is very true for Shannon McCann and Nick Pizio, who had no intention of adopting another dog. Regardless, last month fate intervened with a social media post that changed their lives.

During a Facebook scroll, Pizio happened upon the page Planned Pethood Inc. which had an advertisement for an adoption event that was happening in the area. As Pizio was looking at it, he immediately recognized one of the dogs featured in the pictures. It looked so much like Lucy – the shelter rescue he had adopted in 2015 with his ex-wife. Pizio had never stopped missing Lucy after he and his ex split, however, when they fell out of contact, he lost track of Lucy too.

Looking to adopt a dog or puppy? We’ll be at PetSmart in Rossford today from 11am-2pm with these cuties! 🍁🐶🍂

Posted by Planned Pethood, Inc. on Saturday, October 26, 2019

Both McCann and Pizio immediately rushed over to the adoption event, scared that they might have missed their chance to find Lucy.

“We were both really anxious because we didn’t know if she was still at the event,” McCann stated. “I could sense Nick’s anxiety as he frantically scanned the store for the adoption event.”

After a lap around the PetSmart, the couple spotted a group of dogs in the back corner. That is when Pizio and Lucy saw each other, and there was no doubt at all, he’d found his dog.

“Lucy recognized him right away,” McCann recalled. “When she saw Nick, she popped right up and was wagging her tail like crazy and had her face as close to the holes in the crate [where she was being kept] as possible so Nick could touch her.”

She added, “When we opened the crate to let her out, she jumped all over him and her tail wouldn’t stop.”

Pizio wasn’t about to let Lucy go a second time and filled out the adoption application right then and there.

McCann admitted, “We were both hesitant because we never planned on having two dogs. But we just couldn’t bear to see Lucy homeless again.”

The staff was amazed by Pizio and Lucy’s incredible reunion story.

Photo: MSN / © Shannon McCann

Lucy now lives with Pizio and McCann at the home they share with their other dog Kuma. While it hasn’t been that long, Lucy is already fitting in as though she’s lived there her whole life – settling into the routine of long walks with her sister and cuddles with mom and dad.

Photo: MSN / © Shannon McCann

And Pizio couldn’t be happier at the way fate worked to bring his beloved Lucy back into his life.

McCann said, “He’s happy he saw the post in time to be able to rescue her.”


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