Man Immediately Sells His CarTo Save His Sick Dog’s Life

Our pets become our family. And when they need something, there is nothing that we wouldn’t do for them.

Gemini is a very lucky little dog who is very much loved by his owner, Randy. The pair have been together since Gemini was a puppy.

Photo: Facebook/Randy Etter

Recently, Gemini was experiencing some health issues, and Randy showed that he was willing to do whatever it took to save his furry friend’s life – even selling his car.

Gemini’s problems began after he spent some time playing with Randy and his girlfriend. Randy’s girlfriend has a baby girl, and the child found it fun to throw her bottle to Gemini.

While it started off as just a game, Gemini then began to chew on the bottle.

Photo: Facebook/Randy Etter

Not long afterward, he started to get very sick.

What Randy didn’t realize, was that Gemini had actually ingested some of the bottles, and that was what was causing him to be sick.

“He started to slow down and I didn’t think that was normal,” Randy said.

However, when Gemini began to throw up, Randy knew that he had to get immediate help for his dog and do whatever it took to make sure he got better.

Photo: Facebook/Randy Etter

Randy took Gemini to the vet, however, the vet couldn’t place his finger on the cause of Gemini’s sickness either. Randy took him to several other vets, determined to figure out what was wrong with Gemini.

Randy was so focused on getting his dog better, that he actually ended up losing his job. He admitted that going through this with Gemini was actually one of the scariest moments that he’s ever experienced.

Photo: Facebook/Randy Etter

Thankfully, Randy was able to eventually find a vet that got to the bottom of the problem: Gemini had swallowed a portion of the bottle, and that was what was causing a painful blockage.

But then he got some more bad news – the cost to remove the lodged material was going to be over $4,000.

Randy didn’t exactly have that money amount, yet he wasn’t going to let it stop him from getting Gemini the help he needed.

Photo: Facebook/Randy Etter

So, Randy made the decision to put his car up for sale in order to get the money together.

His dedication to his dog caught the attention of the public, with many people sharing the post across social media.

That is how Street Outreach Animal Response came to hear about Randy and Gemini, and they generously donated $3,000 towards Gemini’s surgery.

After that, things got even better when Randy’s friend offered him a loan of $2,000.

Photo: Facebook/Randy Etter

With the help and kindness of others, Randy was able to not only keep his car, but he was able to get Gemini his life-saving surgery.

Thankfully, Gemini made it through his surgery without complications and is recovering well.

We wish Randy and Gemini all the good health and good vibes out there. What a sweet pair.

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