Man Invented A Special Harness To Walk His Paralyzed Dog

The bonds that exist between humans and their dogs are very strong ones. It quite evident in the way that each individual takes care of the other. It’s safe to say that the majority of dog owners are willing to go above and beyond for their dog and be there throughout their life – during good times and bad. That is the responsibility that we agree to when we get our dogs. We did everything we could for our dog when she was in need of military care. It was his way of showing her how much we loved her.

Another owner, Craig Mosher, was more than willing to show his beloved pup just how much he’d enriched his life by being there for his furry friend in his time of need. Mosher’s dog, Loois, suffered paralysis after he underwent a back procedure. This meant that the dog was left unable to go on his daily walks. However, Mosher wasn’t about to give up that easily on his precious pooch, more was he about to let him miss out on daily walks. That is when Mosher invented a brilliant solution so that the paraplegic pit bull could enjoy the outdoors once more. 

It was important to Mosher that Loois be able to resume life as normally as possible. The two shared a very strong bond since they were the only real family that each other had. Wanting to help Loois be able to go on walks, Mosher came up with the idea for a harness that he was able to attach to the dog’s waist. From there, Mosher was able to lift Loois’ legs up off the ground. This simple fix allowed Loois to still be able to walk around – even if it was with a bit of assistance. 

The heart-warming video is a perfect reminder of the sacrifices we sometimes make for those we love – including our dogs. They deserve only the best from us since they give the best of themselves to us in return. Watch this adorable walking ritual that these two undertake every day. There is no denying the devotion that exists between the two.

Watch below:

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