Man Reunites With His Missing Dog After 8 Long Years

When I was twenty-two years old we lost our cat Patch to a heart attack. It was sudden and unexpected. He was our outdoor kitty, so the only consolation that we had was that he didn’t pass away while outside. He passed in the middle of the night in our home, where we were able to know what happened to him. We would’ve been devastated if he’d gone out and then never come home. Our dog probably also would’ve been devastated if he’d never returned home given that the two of them were best friends and she would often wait for him to come home in the evenings. As difficult as that moment was, I still to this day cannot imagine the alternative of never knowing. 

While we all love and care for our pets, the sad reality is that sometimes our pets go missing. These accidents will often happen if we’ve moved to a new place or if someone has accidentally left a door or a gate open. Sometimes they’re found a few hours or a few days later, and sometimes they’re never found at all. Unfortunately, that is the type of horrific pain that some pet owners have to experience when their pets go missing. It is definitely a punch to the gut and I can’t even begin to fathom the type of pain that must feel like for the owners of lost pets who are never found.

For one man, Josh Edwards, he was launched into an eight-year nightmare the day that he lost his dog Duke. The days turned into months and soon, Josh was losing all hope that he’d ever see Duke again. Heartbroken, he had no choice but to try to move on with his life. However, fate seemed to have something else planned and after eight years of Duke missing, Josh received a very long-awaited phone call. Duke had been found! Given that eight years had gone by, Josh was very nervous about the reunion. He had no idea how things were going to play out. But the moment that these two long-lost besties saw one another it was nothing but pure love and happiness. This reunion certainly sparked a tear or two. Watch the video below:

How many of us needed tissues after watching that? Let us know!

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