Man’s Warns Others After His Dog Dies From Saltwater Poisoning

Gearing up for warmer weather is always welcomed after a long and cold winter. Especially summer – who doesn’t enjoy a good summer day at the beach? Particularly if you can bring your furry friend with you.

However, there are some cautions to be aware of. And sadly for Chris Taylor, he was completely unaware that a day at the beach with his dog could turn into a deadly encounter.

Chris had taken his 7-year-old Labrador retriever, O.G., to a local beach close to Tampa, Florida. They were there for a fun day of playing in the ocean – they’d done it plenty of times before.

Chris revealed to Inside Edition’s Les Trent, “I didn’t think it could lead to his death. He loved to swim, he loved to play, loved to play fetch.”

Following a whole day of swimming and playing in the ocean, O.G. started showing signs of some severe issues with his stomach.

The following day, things became worse as Chris noticed that O.G. had become lethargic and increasingly disoriented.

“He started to not acknowledge who I was, he just walked into the corner and stared blankly,” Chris said.

Worried, Chris rushed his dog to the vet. However, despite being given an IV, O.G. didn’t recover and he passed away.

The vet concluded that O.G.’s cause of death was down to saltwater poisoning. This occurred because of the overconsumption of water while he was frolicking in the water.

Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Weber explained to Inside Edition how dangerous saltwater carn be – yet many dog owners don’t realize it.

In response to this, Dr. Werber recommends the following practices while you’re at the beach with your dog:

1. Offer frequent freshwater breaks in between playtime in the saltwater
2. Limit the dog’s time in the ocean to two hours
3. Look for shade for the dog

Regarding some of the signs of saltwater poisoning that you should watch out for, Dr. Weber said, “You might find your dog vomiting at first and having diarrhea. Then ultimately, you will see signs of them light-headed, shiver and shake tremors.”

So, come warmer weather, it is always a good idea to stay alert when it comes to your pets.

What You Need to Know About Salt Water Poisoning Before Letting Your Dog Run in the Ocean

What you need to know about salt water poisoning before letting your dog run in the ocean.

Posted by Inside Edition on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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