Max The Great Dane Complains When Dinner Is Late

We would never assume animals to be good at timekeeping, but they are. Our pets easily fall into perfectly timed routines, and if they end up straying from these routines they can get quite antsy or upset. My dog’s daily routine was pretty standard: breakfast, midmorning walk, afternoon snack, evening walk, then dinner. She was a pretty easy-going dog. If we weren’t precisely on time, she would hardly ever kick up a fuss. The only time she ever got insistent about stuff was when we didn’t feed her on time – and even then, she would just sit quietly in the middle of the kitchen, waiting for someone to notice her. 

Of course, not all dogs are as patient as mine. My friend has a very opinionated little Jack Russell who, regardless of it being a weekday or a weekend, needs to be fed at exactly 6:30 in the morning – not a minute later. I found this charming little fact about her the very first time that my dog sat while my friend was out of town. Some dogs just like to make sure we are up to date on their schedules. And there was a Great Dane named Max who was filmed by his owners as he threw a strop over his food being late. 

In the video, it quickly becomes apparent that Max is used to his dinner being served at 5 pm on the dot. By 5:08 the giant pooch was having a fit, and he was not shy about letting his parents know that he was missing out. His owners were quick to ask Max what his complaints were. In the footage, you can hear them asking the big dog all kinds of questions – to which Max has all kinds of exasperated responses. It is clear that he isn’t too thrilled about idle chitchat and would rather be fed the chicken he’s owed. It isn’t until his owners cave and begin to feed him, that Max appears to be a little more agreeable in his attitude.

Check out this pup’s dinner time complaints below:

What do you think of Max? Do you dogs do something similar? Let us know!

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