Surfing can be such an addictive pastime. I personally have never managed to go surfing, which is surprising given that I grew up in Southern California. However, I’ve heard from friends who are avid surfers that it’s a hobby that is both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. No wonder it can be quite addictive. And it isn’t just human surfers who love hitting the waves. Apparently our canine companions can also be fond of riding the waves at the beach as well. 

One man, Jeff Nieboer from California, had a habit of surfing at the beach with his family. It was a fun activity for all of them to do. But when they got a yellow Lab puppy, Charlie, it made sense that they’d bring him along on their adventures. But this little pup didn’t just stay on the sidelines and watch from the safety of the shore. Instead, this adventurous pup quickly proved that he could hang with the rest of the family. 

As Jeff shared with The Dodo, Charlie’s fondness of surfing began while on a family camping trip to the beach. As he explained, while playing with the puppy, he was showing him the surfing ropes and “pushed him around on some really small waves.” From there the pup was hooked. It quickly became impossible to keep Charlie out of the water. Needless to say, the beach is Charlie’s favorite place to be. 

But as active as he may be at the beach, Charlie is actually quite the lazy pup when he’s at home. Away from the beach this big boy loves to sleep on the sofa, consume all the treats, and insist on having his belly rubbed.  But as it turned out, Charlie is a natural at surfing. Jeff has said that his pooch has got the “soul of a pro surfer.” In fact, Jeff stated that his dog is such a big fan of surfing that, “If I have the board on the sand, I have to literally sit on it because he’ll grab it and take off.”

And Charlie has just perfected his craft since puppyhood. And Charlie has even entered several dog surfing contests in order to help raise money for animal charities. He was such a talented surfer that he placed in the finals in the first two competitions he entered. And after that, first place has become the norm for Charlie.

Check out his skills in the video below:

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