Meet Eris: The Borzoi Sighthound With The World’s Longest Nose

A one-year-old Borzoi Sighthound named Eris is believed to be the dog with the world’s longest snout. Her 26-year-old owner, Joey Kidd-Kambourian, is often stopped by strangers while out walking Eris. Eris is already an Instagram influencer, with 102,000 followers, but her own line of merch.

Joey, who designs jewelry in Ohio, said, “I got Eris in July 2018 and my life has been quite the whirlwind since.”

Joey added, “We actually started Eris’ Instagram as a scrapbooking project with the intention of having a place for us to look back on her growth and have a favorite picture from each day. It’s been wild to watch it grow in the way that it has. Whilst there are other dogs that are a bit longer than her in general, I definitely think she could be in the running for the world’s longest nose.”

He continued, saying, “I don’t think there is anybody tracking this record at the moment though… but it would be great for Eris if they did! Sighthound dogs have always been a fascination for me, and Borzois are incredibly gracious as a breed. Walk with Eris can take a very long time in the day; We get stopped a lot as people want to ask questions or know what kind of dog she is. She’s got a really big personality, and a lot of our neighbors know who she is, and she loves saying hello!”

Joey apparently wanted a Borzoi Sighthound because they’re a breed with a calm and friendly nature. But besides that, Borzoi Sighthounds also have a lack of health issues – something that is common in larger dog breeds.

He said, “They’re a very quiet breed – for example, we can count the number of times Eris has barked on one hand – and they’re incredibly sweet. Borzoi’s also have the size of some of the larger breeds without having many health issues.”

Does this dog have the longest nose ever?

Is this a dog or an anteater?

Posted by Metro on Thursday, October 10, 2019


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