Meet The Real-Life ‘The Fox And The Hound’

In a Disney-like twist, one rescue fox and a Bulldog have become the best of friends. And their friendship is so cute! Marley the fox was rescued by Pauline Ashanolla when he was just two weeks old. She took Marley home to care for her but was also worried about how her dogs would get along with the little baby fox. 

As she shared with the Daily Mail, her dog, Ernie, was initially apprehensive around the fox. But eventually, the Bulldog’s guard lowered, and the fox was able to charm her way into the pooch’s heart. The two began sleeping closer and closer to one another until it became obvious that they’d formed a deep connection. Then, the pair was inseparable, spending almost all their time together. As Ashanolla recounted, after three weeks the fox and dog were running around and playing like they’d been best friends their whole lives. And that has not diminished since either. 

She said, “They do everything together, they’re inseparable. They play with each other all day, they sleep together every night, they go for walks together.”

Ashanolla is from the Isle of Wight in the UK. When she found Marley, she was unable to locate a local rescue that would take her. That is when Ashanolla stepped up to the task of caring for the little fox and bringing her back to full health.

As she explained, “Marley was so poorly when we found her, she was covered in flies and ticks. They were in her ears, everywhere. She was throwing up worms, really big ones, they were longer than her. She definitely would have died if she’d been found just 15 minutes later.”

It took six weeks, but Ashanolla managed to nurse Marley back to health. She devotedly fed the baby fox kitten formula every 90 minutes throughout the days and nights using a syringe-feeder. She even took her to get properly medicated in order to rid her of the ticks and worms. But the fox took a while to take to the medication, and as a result, Marley was on meds for four months. 

Ashanolla added, “I’ve had so much help and advice from vets and fox rescues but it has been a big, big commitment looking after her.”

She joked that caring for the little fox has “aged her 10 years,” but that she was happy to do it as it meant that she was able to bring Marley back to health and see the little fox blossom. Plus, Ashanolla has enjoyed every minute of her and Ernie’s friendship as well, noting that it’s very sweet how well the two of them get along and how clearly bonded they are. And just like in any Disney movie, hopefully, Marley and Ernie will live happily ever after.

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