Missing Dog Walks Over 50 Miles Back To Her Old House

Whenever I think of home, my mind immediately jumps to Dorothy’s words in The Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home.” We all have different versions of what home means to us. But the one thing we can all agree on is that home means safety and comfort. And our dogs feel very strongly towards their homes as well. For our pets, leaving home can be a bit traumatic since it means leaving the very spot where they feel most secure. 

For one dog in Missouri, her owners got quite the shock when she turned up nearly 60 miles away at their old home. When Cleo went missing for a few days, her owners were worried sick. However, they soon received a phone call letting them know that she had been found. But they were shocked to hear that she’d been picked up at their old residence that was a whopping 60 miles away!

While the family was just happy that they could reunite with Cleo, their beloved golden lab, the mystery still remained as to how she got that far. As her owner pointed out, it was quite a trek for any human, let alone a dog. One theory was that perhaps someone picked her up, scanned her microchip, then accidentally took her to the old residence? Either way, the exact circumstances of Cleo’s sixty-mile journey will most likely remain unsolved. 

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