Mom And Dad Surprise Golden Retriever With A New Puppy Sister

Puppies are the cutest things ever. They are energetic and full of life, and definitely keep us on their toes. But more importantly, puppies are also full of love. There is no way that anyone can have a bad day while in the presence of a puppy.

Puppies also make great companions to older dogs. Sometimes, dogs just need a friend as they get older – someone who helps remind them that there’s still good days to be had. And no one can do this better than a cute little puppy. That is why one grown lab’s owners decided to get him a playmate – and the results were adorable!

The video captured the moment that the sweet little lab met his new best friend: a puppy! The clip starts out with the owners in the garage. It’s clear that they just brought home the newest family addition. They’re trying to figure out a way to gift wrap him so as to surprise their older lab already at home. That is when they get an idea to put the puppy into a department store bag.

Then one of the owners goes into the house announcing his hello to their dog, Boomer. The older Golden Retriever looks quite excited like he knows that something is coming. And he was right. As it turned out, the little puppy was actually his little sister having come from the same parents. And it was clear that Boomer was thrilled to be a big brother. As soon as his owner walked through the door carrying the puppy in the bag, he was elated.

The big brother was all tail wags and joy as he impatiently waited to meet the new family member. And as soon as the puppy was let out of the bag, the two hit it off immediately. After a long time of sniffing each other while, the playtime suddenly begins. And it’s clear that they will be the best of friends.

Watch the video below:

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