Mom Gets Emotional When Her Quadriplegic Dog Walks Again

There is something quite powerful that we can learn from our dogs, and that is the lesson of persistence. Dogs are quite persistent animals. How many times have we been trying to unwind on the sofa after a long day at work only to have a little furry body beside us persistently demanding we give them our full attention? Or how about those big brown eyes that stare us down at the dinner table until we cave and give them a tiny sampling of our chicken or whatever we meat we might be eating? While all those little daily moments are great examples of how our dogs don’t give up until they get what they want, sometimes there are more defining moments in life that show us our dogs’ tenacious characters. Whenever we have a dog that has undergone a surgery or a major, life-altering illness or accident, that is when we see their true fighter side. They definitely do not give up, and that is something that we can all take a lesson from.

For one Springer Spaniel named Sammi, his life was turned upside down when he developed a degenerative issue with his neck which led to the pup becoming a quadriplegic. Given the suddenness of the medical issue, his owner was understandably shocked and heartbroken. She couldn’t imagine that her dog would never walk again. It was tough news to work through. But she was not about to give up on her dog, and so she took Sammi to the California Animal Rehabilitation center in Santa Monica for surgery.

It was there that both the veterinarians and animal rehabilitation therapists worked with Sammi for three months in order to help his gain back the strength in his muscles, hoping that he would be able to support his own body weight and be able to walk again. Throughout those three months of intense physical rehabilitation, the pooch proved that he was not going to give up that easily, and he pushed through the challenge. The pup’s persistence paid off.

Not having seen Sammi for three months, his owner went to collect him from the rehab center. She was not prepared for the surprise that was waiting for her. Sammi was able to walk out and greet his owner, a feat that brought the dog’s owner to immediate tears. Watch the emotional moment in the video below:

Even though the video is an older one, it never fails to bring a smile to your face. What do you think of Sammi’s rehab? Let us know!

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