Mom Secretly Films Her Dog Patiently Waiting For The Garbageman To Arrive

Most of us don’t really give garbage day much thought beyond calming wheeling out our bins to the curb the night before, or frantically making a mad dash in the morning when we hear the rumbling of the garbage truck coming and we remember that we forgot to put them out.

However, for one dog in England, his weekly garbage day is a weekly highlight.

The 2-year-old Dalmatian named Dakota lives in Eastbourne, East Sussex with his owner, Ciara. Like all other dogs, Dakota enjoys activities such as hiking, playing fetch, trips to the beach, etc. However, nothing is more exciting for the dog than the sound of the approaching garbage truck.

Each Friday, Dakota is known to scale the short brick wall behind his home in order to go patiently wait for some very special guests.

Screen Shot: YouTube/
Caters Clips

Tickled by her dog’s weekly reaction, Ciara decided to get out her phone and record the garbage men pulling up, showing just how excited Dakota is to see them. The dog even does his version of a happy dance.

Screen Shot: YouTube/
Caters Clips

Ciara shared, “Dakota waits like this every week without fail. He hears the bin truck coming down the street and then it comes around the back to the garages behind our house, which is where he gets to see them. They stop to see him every time and always give him loads of fuss.”

Screen Shot: YouTube/
Caters Clips

As anyone can imagine, the garbage men very much enjoy their stop to the house as well, since it means that they get a visit from the friendly Dakota. We have no doubt Dakota’s house is probably their favorite stop along their route.

Screen Shot: YouTube/
Caters Clips

This video is truly adorable, and you can watch how happy Dakota gets when he sees his friends. Watch below:

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