Muzzles: Not Just For Aggression Anymore!

Cesar Millan sits with pretty dog using the new Funny Muzzle

Contrary to popular belief, a muzzle isn’t only used for aggressive dogs. There are many reasons that a canine professional may use one to help a dog overcome a problem behavior. There are also many ways they can be beneficial to perfectly balanced dogs.

Here Are Just a Few of the Ways that Muzzles Are Used on Dogs That Are Not Aggressive

Vet Visits

For certain procedures, some vets make it standard practice to use a muzzle on your dog. It helps to prevent bites and allows them to focus on the task at hand.


Similarly, some groomers will use a muzzle right from the start, particularly for things like trimming nails, which often makes dogs nervous.

Cone Replacement

Plastic or fabric cones, also known as E-collars (as in “Elizabeth”), can be effective at keeping your dog from biting or licking an irritated area, but they can also be troublesome for maneuvering and block a dog’s field of vision. A basket style muzzle, which allows your dog to pant but not to bite itself, can be just as effective without these problems.

Separation Anxiety

Chewing household items is a common symptom of separation anxiety, and if your dog swallows things he shouldn’t, it can mean an emergency trip to the vet. A muzzle can help stop the behavior while you work on rehabilitation.

Eating Dangerous Items

Does your dog enjoy snacking on random items while you’re out for a walk? A muzzle can help stop him from eating something dangerous while your attention is focused elsewhere — like on picking up the poop!

Canine Socialization

When you’re adding a new dog to the pack, it can take time to get them acquainted, but in the meantime, you don’t want to risk injury to either dog. A muzzle can help — but it is not a substitute for introducing a new dog properly.

Human Socialization

A muzzle can make humans who are scared of dogs feel safer and help them find the courage to interact and overcome their fear. This is a situation where the Funny Muzzle is a particularly good fit, since it also adds humor to a sometimes tense situation.

What are some ways that you use a muzzle in your day-to-day life with your dog? Share in the comments!

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