Navy SEAL Says Goodbye To His Longtime K9 Partner

Dogs are wonderful companions for all kinds of people. They are great companions for older people who may be alone. They make fantastic playmates for children. They are excellent additions to family households. And they also make trustworthy and loyal partners in different lines of work. Either way, dogs are wonderful and there is always something positive to glean from having a dog. 

For one former US Navy SEAL, the relationship that he shared with his dog was something that meant everything to him. Mike Ritland shared a strong bond with his beloved dog, Carlos. The two of them had been partners in the field for many years before Carlos was eventually retired. Once the pooch was taken out of active duty, Ritland was able to adopt him, bringing him home for good. They spent many happy years together until Ritland had to say farewell to his best friend. After Carlos’s passing, Ritland posted a touching tribute to his best buddy by writing, “Mike had to say goodbye to Carlos today, after 15 amazing years of blessing this Earth with his presence.”

The tribute continued, with Ritland noting that Carlos’s body was wrapped up in the flag that he carried with him through every single one of their missions together. He wrote in the post that when he unfolded it to cover Carlos, some of the Afghan dust was still in the flag and fell out onto his dog. Clearly, these two had a lot of memories from their time serving together – it must’ve been a very tough moment for the former Navy SEAL. 

Prior to Carlos leaving this world, Ritland treated his dog to one last meal. He spoiled his pup with some steak – the one thing that was Carlos’s favorite treat. Ritland concluded his post by writing, “Our hearts are now much heavier having to say goodbye. Fair winds and following seas C-man, we have the watch from here buddy.”

It’s never easy saying goodbye to a pet, much less one so loyal as Carlos who had been by Ritland’s side through so many experiences in the service together. 

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