The newest secret to reducing your dog’s anxiety over being alone is just an audiobook away.
This December, learn personally with Cesar at his Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I in Florida, starting Wednesday, December 6. Reserve your spot now and don’t miss out!
Stronger yet more flexible and now with enhanced comfort for your dog, the newly improved Pack Leader Collar is ready to help you master the Walk today!
The next big tour begins in six months. Grab your place in the audience now and don’t miss out on everything Cesar has to show you.
To limit or not to limit? A look at the various laws on the number of dogs that can be in one household.
Man showing affection to dog while exercising.

It is only when we start living more instinctually that we learn one of the most important things we need to have a balanced dog: Our goal is not to make...

Cesar Millan at Training Cesar's Way

Cesar explains how a medical breakthrough in the late 19th century led to dogs being the most popular household pet today.

His Station and Four Aces by C.M. Coolidge, 1903.

In celebration of Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, here are eight works of art inspired by our canine companions.

Dog sitting next to two hikers

While it can be difficult to travel internationally with your dog, you just need to be prepared before your pup can become a jet-setter.

Profile shot of a young guy walking his dog in a park on a sunny autumn day
Ljupco Smokovski/

Cesar on the importance of calm, assertive energy, and how to achieve it.

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