Person walking a pack of dogs
6 tips for mastering the dog walk
Cesar's tips on how to master the dog walk.
Junior wearing the Pack Leader Collar
Master the Walk with the Pack Leader Collar
Let Cesar help you with his Pack Leader Collar™ and watch as walks with your dog improve each time.
Cesar Millan walking with student's at Training Cesar's Way
Here's your last chance to train with Cesar in 2015!
Cesar’s Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I at the Florida DPC in November has just a few spots left. Register now before they're gone!
Dog looking like he's whining
Why is my dog whining?
Find out what your dog is really trying to tell you.
Development images of the new
Welcome to the fresh, new
We're delighted to unveil the beta version of the new -- the #1 dog advice site on the Web, now mobile-friendly and easier to use.
Woman holding a dog

The key to any relationship is communication. Learning how to properly communicate with your dog will help you do the same with other people. Here’s why....

Dog sitting next to a pregnant woman

If you’re expecting a new addition to the household, whether through birth or adoption, here are nine ways to make the experience easier for everyone,...

Dog chewing on a shoe

Puppies naturally feel the urge to bite and nibble, but it’s no fun when adult dogs do this. Here’s how to stop the nipping before it becomes a big problem...

Cesar Millan outside with his pit bull Junior

Advice from the vet on how to detect, treat and prevent hot spots on dogs.

Dogs barking outside at a fence

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. Here dog trainer Martin Deeley teaches the reasons why dogs bark and how to prevent unwanted barking.


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