Caitlin adopted Leon after his owner and her friend unexpectedly died, but is Caitlin’s continued grieving contributing to Leon’s out-of-control aggression? Tune in to find out!
Separation anxiety can be a heart-breaking and destructive problem. Here’s how to figure out whether it’s true anxiety, and how to prevent it.
One of the most important things our puppies need to learn is not to do their business in the house. Andre Millan gets the scoop from DPC trainer Todd Langston.
For their new TV series, Cesar and son Andre are searching for dogs and humans across America who need their expertise. Visit our special site to see how you can apply.
The number one tool for the perfect walk! With Cesar’s unique collar, master the walk and be in control as Pack Leader.
Dog getting food off kitchen table
John Howard/

If you’re considering adopting a dog for the first time, start out on the right paw by not making these eight common mistakes. 

Line of four balanced dogs in a row

In nature, there are three positions in the dog pack ' front, middle, and back ' and each dog will gravitate to its natural place based on relative...

Cesar Millan with a dog wearing the Funny Muzzle

The only safe way to deal with an aggressive dog is to rehabilitate them and eliminate the aggression. Here’s what you need to do before rehabilitation is...

Small dog sitting in grass scratching

Is your dog's itch normal or a sign of something else? Here's everything you need to know about canine allergies.

Dog riding in a car

A little hand to help you follow dog safety laws when transporting your pooch by car. Crates, safety belts, and more. The best tips for a safe road trip...


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