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white rat and a silhouette of a German shepherd dog watching the rat
Kirill Kurashov/Shutterstock.com

New York City has historically had quite a problem with rats. Meet the R.A.T.S., a group using trained dogs to clean up Gotham.

Man showing affection to dog while exercising.

It is only when we start living more instinctually that we learn one of the most important things we need to have a balanced dog: Our goal is not to make...

Small dog sitting in grass scratching

Is your dog's itch normal or a sign of something else? Here's everything you need to know about canine allergies.

His Station and Four Aces by C.M. Coolidge, 1903.

In celebration of Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, here are eight works of art inspired by our canine companions.

Dog having it's teeth brushed

Do you know how to clean your dog's teeth correctly? Here are some useful dog dental care tips.