Dog digging a hole
Irina Fuks /

There are certain common canine behaviors that we might find strange, but they make perfect sense to our dogs. Here’s why!

Several breeds of big dogs lying down together

We humans think of ourselves in a way that dogs would see as exactly backwards. To us, the most important thing is our name. To dogs, name is the least...

Puppy schedule.

Starting your puppy off right will prevent problem behavior later on. Here’s how to get your new puppy into the right routine.

Two dogs playing roughly with a toy

Roughhousing is part of the fun of being a dog, but sometimes it can go too far. Here’s how to know when it’s time to end playtime.

Dog being held by a fire fighter
Budimir Jevtic/

By preparing for natural disasters and emergencies, you and your dog will be ready for just about anything.

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