Housebreaking a puppy is one of the most important things you can do as a Pack Leader and dog owner. Here’s one of our DPC trainers with an exclusive video...

A dog with a walker
Anucha Maneechote/

Knowing when it’s finally time to consider euthanasia for our pets can be a very difficult and emotional experience. This simple tool makes it easier to do...

Dog with a stick being pursued by other dogs

Let your dog be a dog and live instinctual -- and learn to follow your instincts instead of your intellect.

Dog standing next to spilled dog food

Do you know the six nutrient classes that your dog requires to stay healthy? Here’s the breakdown on what and why your dog’s diet must be balanced and how...

Woman walking three large dogs outside

In part two of our series, here are things you should not do while on the walk with your dog.


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