Do you avoid grooming your dog because drying them off afterwards is such an ordeal? Here’s the new solution that makes the process a breeze.

In response to recent legislation in Monteral, Canada, banning pit bulls and pit bull type dogs, Cesar talks about his experience with the breed, and why...

Dog sitting on a rug
Matt Antonino/

When your dog stares at you, he probably wants something, but what? Here’s how to be a good Pack Leader by deciphering your dog’s stare.

A pack of wolves in the wild.

The phrase “alpha male” can have negative connotations in the human world, but that’s only because we haven’t learned our lesson from the alpha wolves —...

Dogs running in a pack on snow

By bringing dogs into our lives, we make the promise to fulfill their needs, and having a strong Pack Leader meets a dog's most important psychological and...


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