Dog behind a fence
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Letter carriers and meter readers have to do it daily, but we may face it as well: entering a dog’s territory. Here’s how to do it safely.

Golden Retriever sitting in a kitchen
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What’s good for us isn’t necessarily good for our dogs. Here are eight common fruits and vegetables we should never feed to our pups.

Labrador on floor with pillow stuffing at woman's feet

Dogs can't lie. Their behavior is direct and honest. It's up to us to listen to what they're saying, and then take the proper action to solve the problem...

Cesar Millan at Training Cesar's Way

Cesar explains how a medical breakthrough in the late 19th century led to dogs being the most popular household pet today.

Woman hugging a dog

Have a vacation or extended business trip planned? Perhaps a dog sitter is the best solution for your canine pal!


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