Dog with gray hair
Mai Thanaprat/

Dogs can get gray hair just like people and, just like people, it can happen prematurely. Now, scientists think they may have identified why some pups lose...

Line of four balanced dogs in a row

In nature, there are three positions in the dog pack ' front, middle, and back ' and each dog will gravitate to its natural place based on relative...

Mental health service dog next to wheel chair

As dogs take on expanding roles assisting humans, the question arises: “What, exactly, defines a service dog?”

People running with their dog.
Syda Productions/

Jillian Michaels and Cesar Millan give you tips on how you and your dog can get in shape together.

Shaggy dog on white background

We all want to know why dogs do the things they do. But many times the answer lies within the human's behavior...


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