Vet doctor and dog jack russell terrier
Albina Glisic/

Our friends at use a seven-point comparison to research leading pet insurance providers in order to give you information necessary to...

White dog going to the bathroom

Puppies in the wild learn how not to do their business in the den, but in the home you have to teach them. Here's how to potty train your pup.

Dog with a ball

It’s no secret that dogs wag their tails, but what secrets are they telling us in the wag? Here’s how to decipher what’s going on back there.

Dog being walked on grass
Sergey Fatin/

How you can take control and find balance with your dog by becoming the Pack Leader.

Labrador on floor with pillow stuffing at woman's feet

Dogs can't lie. Their behavior is direct and honest. It's up to us to listen to what they're saying, and then take the proper action to solve the problem...

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