Dog chewing it's paw in the snow

Dogs may lick or chew their paws for many reasons. Here’s how to figure it out the possible causes and when a trip to the vet is in order.

Dog sniffing in grass
Fabian Faber/

Dogs and humans have different body chemistries, so what’s good for us can be deadly for them. Here are common canine poisons to avoid and treatment steps...

Portrait of a dog with nose, eyes, ears in that order

A dog's senses form her reality. She perceives the world through her nose, eyes, and ears (in that order). That's very different from our human way of eyes...

Puppy running on grass

Cesar Millan's advice on puppies and exercise. You must exercise your puppy, but overdoing it may be dangerous.

Small dog jumping on bars of crate

When selecting a new dog, the most important thing is matching the dog's energy with your own.

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