A man snuggling and hugging his dog, close friendship loving in studio background

One common dog fear is that of men — but is it normal and can it be fixed? We look at the causes and solutions for when Man’s Best Friend doesn’t live up to...

White dog defecating.

We all dread finding out that our dog pooped in the house, but it can be just as much of a problem when they stop going. Here’s what you need to know about...

Woman with happy dog outdoors

As a Pack Leader, it's your goal to bring your dog to a place of calm, submissive energy. It's not about your dog. Everything begins with you, your energy,...

Older woman kissing an older looking dog

Like humans, dogs can suffer from a form of senile dementia. Here’s how to detect and treat the condition to keep your senior dog happy.

Stray dog outside looking aorund

Find out how you can safely help a lost animal reunite with its owner with the help of your local animal shelter.

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