Nurse Reunites With Her Dog Over FaceTime While Being Quarantined

2020 has not been an easy year – mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has been making the global rounds. We started the year in quarantine, we got out of lockdown for a little bit, and now countries are beginning to see their numbers rise again which means lockdown part two. It’s been nothing short of surreal. But through it all we’re all trying to find our ways of coping. Some of us have thrown ourselves into our passion projects, while others of us have gotten into gardening or taken up home improvement projects. There are some of us who have had to face the pandemic alone – quite literally. But then there are those of us who are fortunate enough to have spent the months of lockdown quarantined with family or housemates. And while other humans might have started to get on our nerves after several months in a space together, there are some companions that we can never tire of: our pets! The lucky ones among us have been able to share our homes or apartments with little furry buddies. 

While many pet parents have been happily getting used to the “work from home” routine with their fur babies, there have been others who aren’t as fortunate. Sadly, there are some pets and their owners who have not been able to see one another during the pandemic due to various circumstances – either a pet owner became stuck in another city when they went into lockdown or they are working in the health industry and have had to quarantine away from home. The strain of these long-distance relationships between owners and their pets is definitely a hard one for both parties involved. 

For one healthcare worker from Danvers, Massachusetts, the quarantine was a rough one. Given that she was working in a nursing home she had to stay where she was for the duration of the lockdown. This meant that she was unable to see her beloved pooch. And it certainly was a strain on the two of them. However, they did keep in touch thanks to FaceTime. And the video of the two of them sharing a FaceTime moment is truly heartwarming to see as it highlights just how deep their bond runs. 

In the video, the woman performs a special whistle that her dog recognizes. Immediately, he perks up. He knows exactly who is on the other end of that call. When he hears her voice it soon becomes clear to him that his mom is inside in the phone and she’s actually not coming home. This makes him sad and he releases a very mournful howl – it’s undeniable how much he loves her and misses her. And there is no doubt, the feeling is mutual. 

Watch the precious video below:

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