Obedient Dogs Wait For Mom To Call Out Each Of Their Names

We probably grew up being told that patience is a virtue. And in an age of instant gratification, it’s pretty easy to forget about patience altogether. Most of us want what we want the minute that we want it. Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly how life works. And it can be frustrating having to wait for things. 

But the next time we find ourselves getting impatient, let’s stop and take a moment and remember our dogs. Our dogs have an exceeding amount of patience and we should be more like them. 

And there is one video that perfectly encompasses the patience of dogs. A group of black Labs were all filmed patiently waiting for their names to be called before they could walk forward. Judging by their big, expressive eyes the waiting game was probably quite arduous. Still, the well-behaved pups all wait their turn. 

As the woman who filmed the video revealed, “I filmed this video because we do it every time they come out the gate, so I thought I would film it and put it online!”

That is pretty impressive that these dogs go through this routine each and every time they leave the garden. It’s definitely a sign that we humans can stand to have a little more patience since these pooches clearly have it in spades.

Another very adorable fact about the video is that the dogs’ tongues peeking out at the same time was not a planned trick – it just so happened to occur at the time the woman was filming all six dogs. The woman who filmed the video further added that all the dogs are girls. She explained that her mother is a breeder of Labradors and over the years she’s kept them from different litters: ranging from age of 1 to 13. 

You can watch their patient performance in the video below:

They’re all such good girls!

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