Old Man Builds A Dog Train To Take Rescued Dogs On Adventures

Retirement is a golden opportunity for many people to get around to the things they never had time for while working. And for Eugene Bostick, that was exactly the case. While he may have retired a previous 15 years, he was still busy as ever doing what he was passionate about.

The 80-year-old from Fort Worth, Texas, was well-known for being a train conductor for rescued stray dogs. It started in response to the callousness of other people.

As Bostick shared with The Dodo, “We live down on a dead-end street, where me and my brother have a horse barn. People sometimes come by and dump dogs out here, leaving them to starve. So, we started feeding them, letting them in, taking them to the vet to get them spayed and neutered. We made a place for them to live.”

Over the years, Bostick began to take in the abandoned strays. He not only provided them with a place to live and plenty of food and care, but he also kept them entertained as well – in the most unique way possible.

Bostick wanted to regularly take his strays on little trips around, however, he was left with a minor conundrum of how to transport them all. That is when inspiration struck.

“One day I was out and I seen this guy with a tractor who attached these carts to pull rocks. I thought, ‘Dang, that would do for a dog train.’ I’m a pretty good welder, so I took these plastic barrels with holes cut in them, and put wheels under them and tied them together.”

And just like that, it was all aboard dog train.

And then the world was introduced to his dog train idea after a video went viral showing Bostick with nine dogs – all happy and enjoying the fresh air that came with riding around in the custom-build dog train.

Bostick talked about the dogs’ reaction, and he shared, “Whenever they hear me hooking the tractor up to it, man, they get so excited. They all come running and jump in on their own. They’re ready to go.”

He added, “I’m getting up in age. I’m 80 now, so I suppose it can’t last too much longer, but I’ll keep it going as long as I can. The dogs have a great time. They just really enjoy it.”

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