Overdramatic Dog Pretends To Faint Every Time She Gets Her Nails Trimmed

And the Oscar goes to…

Ginger the dog! For her performance every time she gets her nails trimmed.

Ginger is a lovable little Pit Bull with a unique habit. She absolutely hates to have her nails trimmed, so in an attempt to try to get out of it, she always faints – or at least she pretends to.

The adorable pittie was caught on video, and in the film clip, you can see Ginger’s owner try her best to put the dog at ease by petting her and calmly showing her the nail clippers. Ginger’s owner then asks her for her paw, which Ginger refuses and ignores her. When her owner does finally lift up her paw to try and trim her nails, Ginger dramatically “faints” and rolls over to her back in a slow-motion performance that is worthy of any award.

The person behind the camera who is recording the incident can be heard saying, “There she goes,” while her owner ignores her and continues to trim her nails.

Guess she wasn’t getting out of that one as easily as she thought.

When Ginger realized that she had lost the fight and her owner was still going to trim her nails regardless, she continued to stare at the camera as though pleading for an intervention.

Naturally, the hilarious video went viral as plenty of dog owners could relate to the theatrics of the nail trim.

One person commented, “Mine won’t let me near, so you’re winning. But it was hilarious!”

There were plenty of others who shared their own personal tips and tricks to getting their dogs to be ok with nail trimmings.

“Mine will let me cut her nails, but only if given a continuous stream of hot dog bits. Otherwise, she acts like she’s been murdered,” another person wrote.

Watch Ginger’s give her best Meryl Streep performance below:

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