Owner Captures Dog’s Emotional Reaction To A Video Of A Puppy Crying

Dogs definitely have empathy. How many of us have been upset or sad, and our dogs have come over to offer up some comfort? They know when people, or even other animals, aren’t ok. They’re such kind animals that they will happily go out of their way in order to make someone feel better.

And if you’re not quite convinced, then just check out the video of the precious golden retriever, Chelsie, who had a visible reaction to a video of a puppy crying. Much like her breed, Chelsie is a very gentle and well-mannered dog who enjoys the company of people and other animals. So it made perfect sense that when she heard the sounds of a puppy, she’d be first to investigate.

Caught on camera, Chelsie was seen reacting to a video that was playing in the background. And, based off her expression, it was clear that she wanted to help the crying puppy. Even though it was a video that she was hearing, Chelsie still got closer to the screen, eventually hopping up on her hind legs to get a better look at the video.

Inching her way closer to the computer, Chelsie was displaying a clear amount of empathy and care. She wanted to find a way to get to the puppy in the video in order to comfort it. And that reaction was just so heartwarming to witness.

In the video, Chelsie’s head cocks to the side, and she looks upset that she can’t do anything about the crying puppy. The footage, while it pulls at the heartstrings, is a clear indication that dogs are very much emotionally charged creatures and they can process sadness in others just as much as themselves.

Have you ever had your dog react in a similar way? Let us know!

Watch the video of Chelsie’s reaction below:

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