Owner Claims To Have Seen Her Dog In The Clouds After He Passes Away

When we get a dog, we fall in love with them so quickly. They become our best friends. Dogs are such wonderful companions. The only downside is that their lives are so short compared to humans. We all know that eventually, we will have to say goodbye to our beloved pups. And no matter how much we’ve prepared ourselves when the time comes, it’s gut-wrenching. 

19-year-old Lucy Ledgeway was devasted when she lost her cherished pet, Sunny. The 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier had been living with diabetes. Even though he was up there in age and was living with a medical complication, she still never imagined that his end would come in the arms of her father after having a seizure.  

Photo: Facebook/Lucy Helena Ledgeway

Only a few hours after Sunny’s passing, Lucy experienced something that helped her process her grief at losing him. In her sadness, she went for a drive to the park where she’d often take Sunny for his walks. As she sat in her car crying, she looked up in time to see a bizarre sight in the sky.

As Lucy recalled, “I was crying to my boyfriend in the seat she died in just hours before, telling Tom ‘All I want is a sign she’s okay.”

Still, she couldn’t anticipate what was about to follow.

Photo: Facebook/Lucy Helena Ledgeway

“I was looking at the clouds and I just felt in me that I’d see her and I did. I looked up and she was looking at me through the clouds,” Lucy said

In order to prove her story, Lucy took a picture of the incident and posted it to social media. The photo quickly went viral as other people remarked that they too could see Sunny’s face in the clouds.

The moment was a cathartic moment for Lucy who felt happiness after seeing the sky. She took it to be a sign her doggie was ok. And that is just touching. Have you ever experienced anything similar? Let us know!

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