Owner Dresses In A T-Rex Costume To Safely Walk The Dog

Due to the current pandemic, many of us have been facing a lot more time indoors than we normally would be. Some of us have fully embraced this new normal by going ham on the streaming services or taking up all the art projects that we’ve been meaning to try, but others are getting a little antsy to resume life as normal on the outside. Of course, there are plenty of us who have been quarantined with the furry company. And for the sake of our dogs, we’ve needed to make sure they get out for their bit of exercise. Of course, most of us want to try to stay healthy while going for a walk with our pets, therefore we take necessary precautions, such as practicing social distancing or wearing a mask in order to not breathe in other people’s germs. 

Of course, this doesn’t stop some people from having a little bit of fun when it comes to taking their dogs out while on a walk during the pandemic. As it turns out, some people have gotten creative in making home-made masks or other outfits that allow them to take preventative measures when going out in public spaces. However, this particular dog owner has probably taken the cake for creativity. They actually took their dog out, while dressed up like a giant T-Rex!

The video is hilarious, and really just what we needed to see during this time of quarantine. During this time of uncertainty, we can all use a good laugh, and that is exactly what this dog owner provided – whether it was intentional or not. Either way, we can’t stop laughing. And we’re actually surprised that the dog was perfectly comfortable being around a giant dinosaur. Perhaps this isn’t the first time that this dog owner has dressed up like this to go out? We can only speculate. 

While this video is hilarious, we also need to remember the importance of making sure that our dogs still get the exercise that they need during the pandemic. But naturally, you should b taking precautions when venturing onto public spaces – namely making sure that you maintain a safe distance from others. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to try and take your dog for walks in places that it is easier to keep a wide range, like the beach or a large park. 

How are you managing your dog’s exercise during the pandemic’s lockdown? Let us know!

Watch the T-Rex video below:

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