Owner Drills Holes Into The Fence So Her Dogs Can Watch People Walk By The House

What do dogs and grandmas have in common? They both can make for adorably nosy neighbors. Where I’m currently living in Ireland, I’ve got an older couple and their dog living cattycorner to me. Whenever it’s sunny in the morning, the elderly lady and her dog will often sit outside in their back garden to take the sun. I can see into their back garden from my second-story office space, so I’ve come to observe this hilarious ritual that the two share. Whenever someone either walks by, or there is an unfamiliar commotion going on, the two of them will make their way over to the gap between the fence door and the garden wall in order to observe what is going on. 

But not all nosy dogs are lucky enough to have a sidekick help them keep up on the neighborhood gossip. But as one viral TikTok video showed, there were two dogs in Australia lucky enough to have an owner who cared enough about their ability to keep an eye on the neighborhood, that she drilled them their own special eye and nose holes in the wooden fence. Now, these pups can keep up to date on all the latest happenings occurring on their street. Pretty sweet!

In the TikTok video, the owner arrives home, pulling into the driveway just as her pups rush up to the fence and take to the gossip holes. As she arrives home, she announced her arrival by saying, “Mommy is home.” Once her pups begin to get excited, she can be heard laughing and greeting them. 

The viral TikTok video has proven to be very, very successful. It has more than 15 million views on the social media site, as well as more than 2.3 million likes. There has also been a flood of comments on the video, with one pointing out that the video is both unsettling and precious at the same time. And another person wrote that it’d be impossible to have a bad day if you’re returning home to a site like that. There was even one commentator that pointed out the peepholes were actually quite clever seeing as it stops the dogs from barking if they choose to stick their noses through the opening instead. 

There was plenty of attention on the video that the owner then reposted it with an edit after a good suggestion. This new video she released with the “Jeepers Creepers” tune serving as the background. How fitting.

Watch the video below:

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