Owner Says ‘Hot Or Cold’ To Let Blind Dog Know Where The Ball Is While Playing Fetch

We don’t know how lucky we have it until we’re reminded of someone else’s struggles. That is why it’s a generally good rule of thumb to have a little bit of gratitude every single day because we don’t know what might happen to us. But perhaps the ones who are best at being happy and grateful for what they have in life, are dogs. Dogs are such positive and upbeat animals. It really takes a lot to get them down. We could all learn a valuable lesson from our dogs in terms of being happy despite the struggles we might face in life. We often see such inspiration from dogs who are living with different disabilities or limitations. These dogs don’t let anything get them down. And that is something that is incredible.

One perfect example of this is Kellar. The adorable 3-year-old English Springer Spaniel was born completely blind, but you would never know it. The pup doesn’t let his disability get him down in the slightest. He soldiers on as though he’s any other dog, completely determined to live a normal and fulfilling life. And while he may be blind, Kellar can still do things almost like normal, including being able to play a game of fetch! It is something that is quite astonishing to witness. And we can’t stop watching the video.

In the clip, Kellar’s owner shows people just how her dog can manage to play fetch like any other dog. She begins by using some commands like “You ready?” and “Gonna listen?” in order to get Kella ready to begin. The adorable little pup is itching to get started. Then his owner starts the game off with a boss toss. Kellar is in pursuit of the ball. But he does have a little bit of help. His owner encourages him and guides him towards his prize by telling him “hot” or “cold,” so he knows where he is at. How cute is that? Eventually, he’s able to locate his ball and he brings it back to his owner, all guided by the sound of her voice. Talk about teamwork making dream work!

Watch it below:

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