Owner Spends A Ton Of Time Putting Up The Doggie Gate Only For The Pup To Knock It Down

For the most part our dogs are well-behaved angels. Most of the time. Sometimes they have their moments of disobedience – usually when they’re puppies and they’re still learning how to behave. When our puppies get a little naughty, it’s still well-intended. They’re just trying to have fun because that’s what puppies like to do! We’ve all had our own bad puppy stories which are usually more heartwarming rather than frustrating. 

One of the things that most puppy owners end up doing is going around the house “puppy-proofing” it in order to avoid any potential accidents – puppies can get into a lot of trouble without even trying. Part of the puppy-proofing routine is quite similar to baby-proofing a home since it involves putting up safety gates and other fences that help to block off certain areas of the house. It’s not a mean gesture, it just makes it easier to get keep your pup out of trouble when you can’t be with them to watch them every second. 

For the most part, these barriers will work and our puppies will not cause havoc. This puts our minds at ease as it frees us to run errands and leave the house for a little while. However, there was one dog owner who quickly figured out that no barrier was about to hold back his stubborn pup. And fortunately for us, it made for a hilarious video clip. 

One adorable puppy pulled off a great escape and managed to circumvent the security gate set up by his owner. How did he manage it? By going under the gap at the bottom. Bet the puppy’s owner felt pretty silly once they realized the flaw in their plan. 

In the video, the fluffy little pooch broke out by squeezing himself underneath the gate. The owner decided that the easy fix would be lining the bottom of the gate with towels. Seemed like it would be a potential solution – the puppy wouldn’t want to bother with a pile of towels, right? 

Wrong! The time-lapse video shows the tenacity of this little guy. He was not going to stop escaping just because his way was blocked with towels. He went on to get the towels out of the way in order for him to make another jail break. But perhaps the cutest part of the video was that after he escaped, he went back for one of his toys. How cute!

This puppy is attempting the great escape! 😂

This puppy is attempting the great escape! 😂

Posted by Daily Mail on Monday, September 24, 2018

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