Owners Build Their Senior Dog With A Heart Condition A Custom Stairlift

Getting older isn’t just tough on humans, it’s a strain on our animals as well. They experience the same physical changes that we do. Their joints get achy and stiff. Their eyesight starts to go. They turn grey. And if you look closely at pictures of them as young pets versus pictures of them as seniors, you can spot the wrinkles on their faces. 

When our dogs get older they begin to rely on us for help getting around. Many of us who have dogs probably have invested in items to make them more comfortable. We might get them heating pads or a warmer bed for their joints. We happily give them medication if they require it. If we notice they’re having trouble getting up on our beds or our couches then we might buy them those pet stairs to give them a hand. But what do we do when our dogs are having trouble climbing up and down actual stairs? 

For one family the solution was simple: get him a stairlift. Hank the Bulldog was getting up in age which meant he was experiencing health problems. One such medical issue was a rare heart condition. The stress of going up and down a flight of stairs prompted his family to install the lift. 

His owner, Brandon Raper, explained that he picked up Hank as a stray back in November of 2012. Because of Hank’s former life, it was impossible to pinpoint exactly what his age was. Brandon assumes he’s somewhere between 7-9 years old. Given Hank’s advanced age plus his medical history, Brandon was willing to show how much he cares by customizing a stairlift just for him. 

Now the precious pooch can go up and down the staircase with ease. That is certainly the level of caring dog owner that we should all aspire to be.

Watch Hank’s sweet ride in the video clip below:

Would you get your dog a custom-made stair lift? Let us know!

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