Owners That Leave Their Dogs Outside In Extreme Weather Conditions Could Now Go To Jail

Good news for the animals of Lansing, Michigan, there is a new law that will be seeing some protections to them in extreme weather conditions.

According to WZZM Democratic Rep. Darrin Camilleri from Brownstown, has sponsored a new bill that would make it illegal to leave your dog outside for more than 30 minutes in weather that is 90 degrees or higher, as well as in temperatures that are below freezing.

This is welcomed news for animal lovers because it means that pet owners will need to be more accountable and aware of their dogs’ well-being.

As Harbor Humane Society in Ottawa County Executive Director, Jennifer Self-Aulgur, shared with WZZM, “It’s very common for us to see at least a dozen cases of frostbite every winter, and it’s usually dogs that were left out.”

She added, “It’s something we also see in the summer with dogs that have been outside too long [suffering] heat exhaustion.”

While this is good news for the dogs of Michigan, it’s not the first time that we see legislation concerning temperatures and dogs. In fact, according to a report by WZZM, other states such as Texas, New York, and Nevada have introduced extreme weather laws in order to protect pets. And this is definitely a good thing as they need representation and a voice in legal matters as well.

Should the bill pass into law, people who are caught leaving their dogs out in the cold will be facing punishments. The first offense will be seen as a misdemeanor that will land the person in jail for 93 days in addition to a fine of $1,000. And all subsequent offenses after that will see increases in both fines and jail time.

To be honest, the only people that would be upset over this law are the people who are terrible pet owners. So, let’s not be those people and lets always bring our pets inside when the weather is too cold or hot.

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