Owning A Dog Can Deepen Our Romantic Relationships, Survey Says

A couple snuggles with their puppy.

Ask any dog owner and they will happily gush to you about how much they love their furbabies. Most of us might even go as far as to say we prefer our dogs over certain people. Either way, there is no denying the fact that our dogs make us incredibly happy. 

And there is science to back it up in the form of the online pet care services provider, Rover.com, who released their The Anatomy of Dog Love Report. It’s basically an expansive analysis of data that proves just how much positivity a dog can bring to our lives – including our relationships with other individuals. 

As Rover.com found, there are a lot of ways in which having a dog can also have a positive impact on our relationships. According to their research conducted in a survey, 56% of the dog owners who were in relationships admitted that having their dog meant that they did spend more quality time with their partner. From that same group, 71% revealed that they were more attracted to their partner after seeing how they cared for their dog.

Not just that, but there were other interesting findings about dog care and how it can increase more effective communication among partners. Not only that but having a dog also challenged stereotypical gender roles as partners have to problem solve responsibly and care for their animal.

But for those pet owners who may be single, there is plenty of hope still as Rover’s survey found that 72% of people admitted that they were more likely to click on a dating profile if they had a dog in the picture. So, your furbaby may just be the wingman or woman that you didn’t know you needed. 

For more interesting finds you can click on Rover’s The Anatomy of Dog Love Report.

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