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The Real Meaning Of “Dog Nation”

The first season of “Dog Nation” is over, although you can still catch it online via your cable provider or streaming on Hulu. Through the first season episodes, my son Andre and I visited seven cities, worked with seventeen organizations, and helped several dozen people with their dog issues. During the process, Andre and I got to know each other a lot better and it also reinforced our understanding of what “Dog Nation” is really all about. For me, it’s never been just a TV show. It’s a mission. The mission is to unite the human community over our common

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Cesar Millan

Partial Leadership

Humans are very used to having different rules for different places. We don’t act the same way at a football game as we do in church, for example. These little compartments for our rules happen all the time, as we go from home to work or school, and when we go out to entertain ourselves. We behave differently depending on whether we’re at a fancy restaurant or a fast food place, whether we go to a play or movie rather than a bar, and whether we’re at a museum or playing baseball in the park. People learn the appropriate behaviors

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By Cesar Millan Today marks the end of the month-long event known as the World Cup and, even living in a country that usually doesn’t pay much attention to fútbol, like the U.S., this event definitely got people’s interest. Now I know that some of my staff watched the games during work, but that’s okay. Humans form bonds over things like sporting events, especially when they root for the same teams, which creates a stronger pack. It can also be a healthy outlet for our natural competitive urges. But there are unhealthy sides to human bonding in teams, when competition

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