Paralyzed Puppy Needs Help Finding A New Home

A paralyzed dog awaits adoption into a new home.

One-year-old Albert is an adorable little paralyzed pup who is on the lookout for a forever family.

Albert was rescued in December 2018 when he was two-months-old and was left on the doorstep of a vet’s office in Georgia. From there, he was transported up to the Lucky Dawg Rescue in Pennsylvania, where he received medical care.

Following some time at the shelter, Albert was sent to live with a foster family. They have described him as a happy and energetic pooch. Albert is able to get around without trouble thanks to his wheelchair.

His foster family shared a video of Albert, who can be seen happily rolling in the grass, playing catch, and enjoying the company of both people and other dogs.

Lucky Dawg Rescue said in a press release, “We are sure that Albert’s perfect family is out there. Someone with the interest in helping a guy with special needs. Anyone with a wheelie dog will tell you they are still dogs. Goofy and playful and funny and just … dogs!”

The statement continued,
“Albert is about 12 months old now and 70lbs. He is playful, dog-friendly, kid-friendly, and is learning some commands. He is a typical puppy with lots of energy and loves to play. Please help us get Albert adopted!”

In light of the pandemic, there are many shelters and rescues around the country that are encouraging adoption and fostering of pets to not only help with the isolation of social distancing, but to help relieve the pressure shelters and rescues are facing as a result of a lag in adoptions, increased intakes, and limited resources.

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