Parents Surprise Their Son At School With His Lost Dog

We all have deep bonds with our dogs. We can’t imagine life without them. Unfortunately, there are times when the unthinkable befalls pet owners and they have to deal with the tragedy of a lost dog. And for one young boy named Carter, his best friend, Piper, ended up running away from home. The family had let their pug out to the backyard to go to the bathroom, but she got loose and ended up running away.

The family was distraught, but Carter was inconsolable. The young boy and his black pug shared a very special bond since Piper had been a special birthday surprise for the child’s 12th birthday. The whole family immediately rallied together and tried to find their lost pooch. They scoured the area, spoke with neighbors, posted across social media, made flyers – did everything they could think of to try and bring their pup back safely. 

Unfortunately, the days quickly turned into weeks. The family started to lose hope that they would ever find Piper again. But then one day, they got a much-needed phone call from the Genesee County Animal Shelter. Piper had finally been found. 

April Licata, Carter’s mom, shared, “I was truly shocked. We had all resigned ourselves to the reality that she probably wouldn’t come back. Lo and behold, it was her! Seeing her little tail wag as she came out from the back of the Genesee County Animal Shelter where she had been so well taken can of, I lost it!!”

At the time that Piper had been found, Carter, along with his sister, Natalie, were spending a few days out of town with their father’s family. That gave April a brilliant idea: surprise Carter with the news. Not telling her son that his beloved dog had been found, she drove up to school to pick up her son with Piper in the front seat.

April captured his reaction, and it definitely will pull at your heartstrings. Get your tissues ready before you watch it below:

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