People Are Confusing Their Dogs With Plastic Wrap For A New Viral Challenge

When you think about it, our dogs are such loving and patient beings who put up with a lot from us. They’re such good sports who let us do whatever we want to them, including forcing them to partake in viral video challenges. And they do because they’re so loyal to us.  

And perhaps one “cute but cruel” ones that we can all remember, is the “Invisible Challenge.” Not too long ago, people figured that it would be hilarious to cover doorways and halls in plastic wrap, then film their pets’ reactions to the plastic wrap.

While many of the dogs unwittingly played along, not all dogs fell for the trick.

In fact, a good number of them managed to stop just in time to inspect this perplexing barrier in front of them. Even those videos made for entertainment as many dog owners were eager to get any sort of reaction from their dogs towards the invisible barrier.

But not all dogs were fooled. One very smart Australian Shepherd saw right through the prank.

And one little wiener dog managed to pass through with ease…

Same with a small corgi.

But perhaps the most entertaining of all were the dogs who didn’t see the barrier coming. But nothing is quite as funny as the videos of the cats outsmarting the dogs. Those videos proved that felines have a strategy. 

What do you think of the Invisible Challenge? Have you ever tried it with your pets? Let us know!


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