Travel The Country With Your Dog In This Customized Pet-Friendly Camper Van

As Americans, we’ve always had a romantic connection with the open road. Robert Frost contemplated taking the road less traveled. Jack Kerouac went “on the road.” Willie Nelson sang about being “on the road again.” The expanse of the open highway and the adventures that come from hitting the open road seemed to be engrained into the American psyche. One could make the argument that road trips are about as American as baseball and apple pie.

So, for those of us that enjoy the thrill of the open road, now there is a way for us to further enjoy it with our furry BFFs by our side. One company has come up with an innovative van design that nicely accommodates our four-legged family members so that they don’t have to get left behind during a road trip.

Photo: Jack Richens of This Moving House

British designer Jack Richens from This Moving House recently upgraded an ordinary 2015 Volkswagen Crafter into a custom, solar-powered home on wheels.

The van was built for a client and pet owner who frequently traveled with her two dogs. The van features two dog kennels, a single human bed plus a pull-out guest bed, a kitchen with a grill, sink, stove, a mini-fridge, a portable toilet, and three belted, swivel seats in the front part.

In short, the van has everything that one would need to comfortably take a road trip with two dogs as company.

Check out this wonderful home-away-from-home:

Photo: Jack Richens of This Moving House

Richens said to Simplemost, “The owner is thrilled and has been taking the van to dog shows around the country. Requests for more dog van builds have been flooding in, which is good news.”

While the van doesn’t have room for a full-size bed, it can comfortably sleep two people with its double twin beds. There is even a porthole above the top bunk, which serves for stargazing.

Photo: Jack Richens of This Moving House

It is estimated that the materials to customize a van like this would cost around £8,200, or $11,608, and supposedly that doesn’t include labor.

Still, it is nice to have a van with built-in kennels so pet owners can experience the freedom of taking their dogs on an adventure without having to pay extortionate fees at “pet-friendly” hotels – or even have to go through the hassle of locating pet-friendly hotels.

Photo: Jack Richens of This Moving House

Also, with airlines implementing stricter rules when it comes to air travel and pets, being able to take a road trip with your dog can be a much better and less stressful option for those travelers on a budget.

So, what do you think of this van? Would you want one for traveling with your dog?

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