Pets Now Allowed In Every Apartment In New South Wales

For those pet parents who rent, you know how difficult it can be to find a suitable apartment with a little fur baby in tow. But for those renters in New South Wales, things are quite difficult for pet parents to keep their animals with them when searching for a new place to live. But the rules have been challenged by the NSW Court of Appeal after one Sydney resident put up a four-year-long battle in order to keep her beloved miniature schnauzer. 

Jo Cooper couldn’t bear to be separated from her beloved Angus, so she fought to be able to keep him in her Darlinghurst apartment building. From the beginning, her building wasn’t fond of dogs and then eventually banned them, along with other animals, from being allowed to live there. But thankfully for Jo, when it came to the disagreement over the rules, the NSW Court of Appeal sided with Jo and Cooper. 

As Domain explained, this ruling has extended to all apartment buildings across the state. This means that building owners cannot “blanket ban” animals. The three judges who sat on the Court of Appeal all agreed that a blanket ban on animals living in apartment buildings were a violation of building bylaws which are supposed to not be “harsh, unconscionable or oppressive.” Because of this, the blanket ban was found to be too confining as it lacked “a rational connection with the enjoyment of other lots and the common property.”

After hearing the court’s ruling, Jo was beside herself with emotion. The woman broke down crying, unable to say a word. As a friend of hers, Claire Hooper, shared, Jo was beyond happy with the outcome. Claire noted that it wasn’t just a big win for Jo, it was a big win for others as well. Claire said, “It’s wonderful for people who want to keep a pet and such a great boost for their mental health.”

But this isn’t the only fight that is currently going on. A similar situation is unfolding for apartment resident Bob Roden, who has applied for dog ownership. However, he has encountered pushback from the apartment tower owners. But with the recent ruling in Jo’s case, Bob is hopeful that it will be dropped – or else he’s prepared to take them to the Court of Appeal. Bob was happy to hear about the ruling, as it meant a little bit of hope for those who want to own pets while renting. And I think it’s safe to say that all pet parents who also rent are hopeful this will open more doors for people who want to own pets. 

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