Pit Bull And Blind Chicken Are Best Friends That Do Everything Together

Chickens get a bit of a bad rap. Most people don’t see chickens as being intelligent or sentient creatures, but they actually are. So it’s no wonder that a chicken would become besties with a dog.

Peri the chicken lives with her family who adopted her when she was just a day-old chick. However, six months in, she developed a serious eye infection.

Christa Hubbard

Her family took the best care of her they could, diligently giving her daily medication – and even saw several specialists. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done, and Peri lost her sight. Despite that, Peri’s family did their best to give her a good quality of life.

As Peri’s owner, Christa Hubbard, explained to The Dodo, “We made adjustments to help her as she lost her sight: bowls on a throw rug that make noise, special low roosting bars, an ottoman in the living room to ‘watch’ TV with us in the evening and an extra-large ottoman in our room, next to our bed, for her bed. We hired a chicken ‘nanny’ to help her out when we weren’t home.”

As a result of all the attention she received and continued to receive, Peri turned into a very loving chicken who loves to cuddle. But there is no one she loves to cuddle more with, that the family’s dog, Taj.

From the moment that Peri joined the family as a chick, the family’s pit bull made sure that he was there for Peri. Unfortunately, Peri lost her best friend to a battle with cancer.

As Christa explained, “He was three years old and quickly took to helping her find her way. A seeing-eye dog for a hen. These two spent the next eight years together. He would guide and protect her. They napped together, sunbathed together. Taj died in July 2018 after a long battle with cancer. Peri was lost without her buddy — she knew he was gone.”

Christa Hubbard

With Taj being such an integral member of the family, Peri’s family worried about how she would cope with the loss of Taj. From there, the family made the decision to help fill the gap for Peri by adopting some pit bull puppies.

They brought home a pair of puppies, and as soon as they did, Peri became very close with one of the puppies, Gracie.

Christa Hubbard

And Gracie’s care was clear since she would help the blind chicken locate her toys. Our hearts can’t cope!

Christa Hubbard

Christa said, “Gracie will bring Peri a toy, place it in front of her and wait. When Peri is out in her yard doing chicken things, Gracie can be found laying outside the fence waiting for her (Peri has a fenced-in area as we have a pool). When Peri is on her ottoman ‘watching’ TV, Gracie brings her a toy. First thing in the morning when we get up, Gracie checks on her sleeping friend.”

Christa was happy to see that Peri’s new relationship with Gracie was a success. It was a comfort to her knowing that since losing Taj, the sweet little chicken wouldn’t be alone, and she’d have a new best friend by her side.

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