Plumber Rescues 2-Day-Old Puppy After It Got Stuck In A Bathroom Drain

While puppies are so precious and cute, if we don’t keep an eye on them, they can easily get into trouble.

And one 2-day-old puppy from the Beenleigh neighborhood in Queensland, Australia, somehow managed to get itself stuck inside the drain in its owner’s home. The little puppy was in the bathroom with its mom and siblings, when the drain cover in the middle of the bathroom, accidentally came off.

Before the owners realized, the little pup, in addition to a sibling, ended up having an accident and slid down the drain. As USA Today reported, the mother managed to grab one of the puppies in time – pulling it out by the tail to safety. However, the other puppy slipped all the way down, getting caught in the bend of the pipe.

Photo: The Brisbane Plumbers

Understandably, the owners were panicked and immediately rang a plumbing service for help. The Brisbane Plumbers plumber, Joseph Egan, was the one to receive the call and obviously thought that it was a prank call initially.

As Egan told USA Today, “I realized it was serious. She was really quite panicked. You could really hear it in her voice that she wasn’t lying.”

As soon as Egan arrived on the scene, the first thing he did was to set up a small CCTV camera in order to access the pipe in order to determine the puppy’s location in the pipe. The entire rescue mission was captured on camera.

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🐶😳🐶PUPPY RESCUE!!!🐶😳🐶 This puppy fell down the floor drain in the bathroom and got stuck on the outlet side of the gully 😳 We were fortunate to locate the puppy in the drain and cut out the section of pipe it was stuck in. We were unable to pull it out by its feet so we had shake the pipe in a downward action in order for it to slide out. It was pretty amazing that this little fella lasted over an hour in the drain and still managed to survive. The litter of puppies were only 2 days old and did not have names yet. The kids wanted to call it ‘Lucky’ but the Dad said it would be called ‘Dollars’ because in his words “This puppy has cost me a shit load of money”. Although he did say it was money well spent 😂😂😂 For all your plumbing and drainage needs contact The Brisbane Plumbers 📞1300576388 Or visit our website 🌎 👨‍🏭 we have an emergency plumber on call providing a after hours service 24/7 👨‍🏭

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Once Egan located the puppy within the pipe, he cut out the pipe section, thus being able to free the puppy by gently shaking him out of the pipe.

Throughout the rescue, the poor little puppy was yelping, undoubtedly terrified. Thankfully, the puppy wasn’t injured during the ordeal.

Egan had never seen anything like it in his 12 years as a plumber, and it was his first time rescuing a puppy from a pipe.

Photo: The Brisbane Plumbers

“This was pretty unique for this situation to unfold and for the puppy to survive. It’s nothing short of a miracle, really,” Egan stated.

The entire thing did end up leading to the puppy’s owners picking out the perfect name: Troopie, since he was a real trooper throughout the entire process.

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